The Coolest DIY Growth Chart Around

growth chart

Friends, I have Growth Charts on the brain this week. Maybe it was seeing Baby June get weighed and measured at her two month check up. Or maybe it's because I've noticed my big kids are too tall for last years jeans. Or maybe it's because I think no home is complete without a great growth chart.

Whatever the reason, I've been talking about them with everyone I know, and all sorts of wonderful readers have sent me links to their favorites. There are loads of neat growth chart offerings on Etsy, and there several cool DIY options I've seen the past few days. But this oversized tape measure designed by Cathe Holden deserves a giant spotlight. It's so clever! And I think is completely rad looking. (By the way, do you frequent Cathe's blog? If you're into DIYs at all, it's a must read.)

Cathe graciously shared her DIY steps for the giant tape measure growth chart.

Step One:
Download the FREE PDF that Cathe made for this project and print all 7 pages on 8.5" x 14" (that's legal size, NOT letter size) paper.

Step Two:
Trim along the short edges and use a black marker to fill in any white showing on the edges where you trimmed.

Step Three:
Cut out the holes of the measuring tape and use the black marker again to fill in any white.

Step Four:
Line up each section of the printed images and secure with small pieces of clear tape outside the printed area. Going section by section, align and tack with tape then flip over and run one long piece of tape along the seam. When the entire piece has been taped, flip back to the image side and trim along the sides to remove the remaining white sections. Give the corners a slightly rounded trimming.

growth chart

And that's it. Cathe suggests using Mod Podge to laminate your chart to a piece of upholstery vinyl or oilcloth for a beefier chart -- or you can simply hang it as a poster. Bonus: if you prefer centimeters, there's a free download for that as well!

Thank you, Cathe, for letting me feature this wonderful project here on The Stir. I can't wait to make one.

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kelli... kelli0585

Cute!  I love DIY, and any excuse to use Mod Podge is right up my alley.

tonya... tonyalynn

this is cute and different.

nonmember avatar SizeTracker

Fantastic! I love growth charts, too. And using a chart like this, rather than the wall, means having a portable keepsake.


Akani Akani

Gab or other moms out there: I've got a problem. Since DD was able to stand w/help, we've been marking her height on the wall in the kitchen. She's 13yo now & DH is pitching a fit to repaint the kitchen. I'm almost in tears at the thoughts of losing all those mos/yrs of marking her height then dating it. It started out for mom/dad but then it was our DD's way of predicting if she'd be tall like Dad or short like Mom. If he paints over it, it's gone forever. How can I save this wonderful wall that's brought us both so much joy for so long? BTW, she's tall like Dad. :) I'm still shorty. She's taller than me now just as her sister was at the same age. LOL! They're both tall like Dad. I just lost that 1; hwr, they do have my Native American features tho' oldest DD is fair like Dad where youngest DD is darker like me.

Kokab... Kokabella

Most definitely, this is a must DIY project. One tip: use the best legal size paper you can get your hands on!

Todd Vrancic

@Akani:  Just don't paint that wall.


Stephanie Bennett Mullet

When I download the pdf file it doesn't show the chart, it shows a bunch of codes. What am I doing wrong? Help?

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