Fart Blankets and 3 More Useless Products for A Better Smelling House

noseAmerica spends millions of dollars every year on making their homes smell better -- keeping those giant candle stores in business with the emergency last minute gift purchase alone.

But there's improving the smell of your home for the sake of those who live there and then there are these four products that prove Americans can't just accept that into every life a little poop must fall.


1. The Better Marriage Blanket. An actual blanket for your bed, this supposedly uses the same technology the military uses to protect soldiers against chemical weapons. Only this is protecting your partner from your nocturnal farting problem. For $29.95 plus shipping and handling, might we suggest a good poop before bed?

2. Flat-D. Further proof that Americans need to improve their digestion, this pad can be slipped into the underwear to filter out the flatulence.

3. Aromatherapy Grooming Spray. We've all been confronted with wet dog smell, but the makers of aromatherapy for your dog seem to forget your dog actually enjoys the scent of cat poop.

4. Natural Calls Drops. Perhaps there's merit to this when you're having a party and you can't close off the potty, but a dropper of liquid to cover the poo-smell seems like a waste of money when you can . . . just  . . . walk out of the room.


Image via polandeze/Flickr

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