Handmade Sock Frog Tutorial: Quick Homemade Gift

stuffed sock frogLeah, my friend and the lovely blogger behind A Girl and a Boy, generously offered to share a tutorial for a recent craft project she made.

Using an old green sock and a few other basic craft and sewing supplies, Leah recently whipped up this really adorable stuffed frog. The project was inexpensive, fairly quick, and perfect for a handmade gift, a nursery, or just a sweet homemade touch in any room.


First things first, here's a supply list (you'll probably have many of these things on hand).


--Skeleton template (minus the ribcage)
--One pair of crew or athletic socks
--Ruler and fabric marker
--Sewing machine
--Thread to match your socks
--Sewing needle (and embroidery needle, if you have one)
--Embroidery floss in the colors you want for the mouth, eyes, and hand/foot webbing
--Straight pins
--Pencil for stuffing arms and legs
--Four buttons (two of each kind) that work stacked on top of each other for the eyes
--Bow tie (optional)

Once the skeleton template was made, Leah added the finishing touches (she sewed on the smile, applied the fun wooden eyes, and added the bow tie, which is a cat bow tie from Target!).

Leah also added definition on the little webbed hands of the frog and didn't attach the second sections of the arms, so it looked more "frog" than "skeleton."

sock frog

How long did the sock frog project take?

Cutting out the pieces, sewing them with the machine, and stuffing them went really, really fast, but hand-sewing the knee joints and then fussing with the eye placement and mouth took a lot longer. If I had to estimate, I'd say three or four hours. Maybe ... and that's not counting the hour I spent at the craft store picking out buttons and the exact right shades of embroidery floss.

How much do you think this craft project cost in total?

The socks were free because they were 15 years old. Button prices are a few bucks at most, embroidery floss is about $0.35 per hank, and a big bag of stuffing should only be a couple of bucks depending if you go with polyester fiberfill or something fancier like organic cotton or bamboo fiber. I'd estimate that most people should be able to make this for under $10.

So, there you have it! An inexpensive homemade gift that you can make on a free weekend afternoon. Huge thanks to Leah for the idea and tutorial.

sock frog

What cute handmade gift have you made lately?


All images via Leah/A Girl and a Boy

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