'Hawthorne' Star Michael Vartan Loves a Girl Named Millie

Michael vartan WebMDPets magazineRemember Michael Vartan, the guy who played Sydney Bristow's hot love interest Michael Vaughn on Alias (one of the best shows on television EVER)? He also played a dreamy teacher/hockey fan in Never Been Kissed opposite Drew Barrymore.

Well, Vartan currently plays a hot doc named Tom Wakefield opposite Jada Pinckett Smith on TNT's HawthoRNe (the show is in its second season, airing new episodes on Tuesdays at 9 p.m.).

While I, like many women in America, shed a tear when Vartan announced his engagement to Lauren Skaar, it seems that Vartan also has another lady in his life.

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According to WebMDPets magazine, Vartan's longtime girl is Millie, a chocolate Lab who caught his eye six years ago when she was just a rolly polly puppy. Apparently Vartan can talk for hours about Millie (call me, Vartan, because I can talk for years about my dog, Greta!).

Vartan says he's always had a love of animals, particularly dogs, and appreciates that they tend to bring out the big old softie hiding inside all of us.

When he's not doting on Millie or talking about her ad nauseum, Vartan says he also donates time and money to charities that help stop animal abuse and neglect. In addition to attending various charity events, last year Vartan also anted up in a celebrity poker match for The Humane Society's "End Dogfighting in Los Angeles" campaign.

Don't you just love a man who loves animals?

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