'Twilight' Gals and Their Pet Pals

Kristen StewartWhat do the young female stars of Twilight have in common (besides being paid to hang out with hunky guys all day, that is)?

Kristen Stewart, who plays Edward Cullen's love interest, Bella, has a male love of the feline persuasion. Ashley Greene, who plays Edward's sister Alice Cullen, prefers a petite canine companion. And Nikki Reed, who plays Edward and Alice's sister, Rosalie Hale, likes a canine with a little more meat on her bones (Reed also saved her dog from doggie death row!).

Read about the Twilight gals' pet pals.


Kristen Stewart and her cat Max

On screen, Bella may share a lot of neck time with Edward, but off screen, Kristen Stewart is all about her 6-year-old cat, Max. According to a People magazine interview, she even compares their relationship to that of Bella and Edward (wonder if boyfriend Robert Pattinson is jealous?).

Check out this video where Kristen talks about her cat Max (around 1:20).

Ashley Green and her dog Marlo

A little fox terrier named Marlo is the apple of Ashley Greene's eye, a pup Greene says she has had for a little over a year and hates to leave when duty calls.

Ashley Greene fox terrier

Nikki Reed and her dog Sydney

For Nikki Reed, saving pit bull Sydney was serendipity. Reed tells People magazine that she was volunteering at the shelter where Sydney was being held, and the poor pooch was already listed as deceased in the computer -- that's how close she was to death's door. Reed says the 2-year-old pit bull has had some issues, but overall she's friendly and loving.

Nikki Reed

Isn't it funny that the gals who play vamps perfer to hang out with dogs, while the gal who plays a human prefers a cat?

Which do you prefer -- cats or dogs? Or both?


Images via katewilliams94/Flickr;  Splash News; david_shankbone/Flickr

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