Recreate the Room for Less: Clean and Chic Bedroom


Good design doesn't have to ruin your budget. With a little creativity and some savvy shopping, more often than not, you can recreate a pricey look for lots less than the designers do.

I loved recreating a room on the cheap for The Stir readers a couple weeks ago, so I'm back to do it again!

This time, I picked this sleek, clean, and incredible-looking bedroom that is straight out of a magazine.

Here are my picks to recreate this bedroom's look for less.


recreate the room

1. The lace afghan in the picture is stunning, and I love it. Here's a nicely priced lookalike afghan from Etsy seller Seamless Stitch for $65.

lace afghan

2. Whenever I want to recreate a look for less, IKEA is one of my first stops. That's where I'd get this similar lamp, the Barometer lamp for $49.99.

IKEA lamp3. When I saw the nightstand in the picture above, I thought about one I featured on The Stir before, a storage nightstand from for $55.


4. For this stunning dresser, I'd wholeheartedly recommend perusing eBay or Craigslist. I found this vintage dresser in mere minutes for $150 in my area.

craigslist vintage dresser

5. I love the idea of using a vintage telephone in a room's decor whether or not you can actually talk on the phone. Here's a $20 phone from Clever Alice's Etsy shop.

vintage telephone

Recreating the majority of this room cost a grand total of $339.99. And if you'd like a signature budget-friendly headboard, perhaps one of these ideas will work:

DIY Headboards: 5 Creative & Cool Ideas

Do you have a room you love that you'd like to see recreated for less?


Images from top to bottom via, Seamless Stitch, IKEA,, Dallas Craigslist, Clever Alice Etsy Shop

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