5 Reasons Being Nice to Neighbors Can Save You Big Money

moneyIf you're human, chances are you want to save money.

So who knew it was as simple as listening to your kindergarten teacher. What, didn't yours teach you to share too?

California is debating a bill that would help neighbors share an SUV to green the state, but you don't have to wait for legislation.

Taking the concept out of the school playground and putting it to work in your neighborhood can save you hundreds a year.


1. Internet service. All it takes is a wireless router, and you and your neighbor -- or neighbors -- can bring a $60 Internet bill down to $30 or less a month. You'll cover your cost of the router you would likely have bought anyway in about three to four months.

2. Lawn equipment. A friend who has neighbors who live in their house only part-time went in with his neighbor on the cost of a riding mower. It enabled him (and his partner) to afford a much nicer mower than the original push model they were looking at.

3. Trash pickup. They're going out at the end of the road anyway; so use the same cans or each put out one can for a two-can pickup and split the difference. Friends who do this report they cut their bill to $20-something a month from $40-something.

4. Contracting services. A contractor who doesn't have to move his equipment back and forth or send his guys out for long drives between jobs saves money. So don't be shy about asking for a two-fer deal. I had my septic pumped the same time as my neighbor, and we were offered a discount for only requiring the truck to visit one neighborhood that afternoon.

5. A babysitter. One sitter for multiple kids usually costs less than two sitters for same number of kids -- so double up be it daytime or date night (and a double date?).

Of course this only works if you LIKE your neighbors; but it might be worth kissing up for some major dough.


Image via borman818/Flickr

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