How To Remove a Blood Stain From Your Favorite Tee

blood shirtIf you've been itching those bug bites through your favorite t-shirt, you aren't just upping your risk of scarring.

You're chancing a big blood stain that could send your perfectly broken in fave to the bottom of the rag bin.

No worries -- we're not going to judge your scratch happiness (been there, done that, have the pink scars to prove it). But we can tell you how to get the blood out -- and fast, with tips courtesy of a nurse who has cleaned up her fair share of bloody scrubs.


1. Lay the clothing item (this works on those favorite undies when that time of the month came early too) in the sink and pour Hydrogen Peroxide on the stain.

2. The peroxide will begin to fizz -- the natural chemical reaction between catalase in the blood and the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) will turn it into into water (H2O) and oxygen gas (O2). Wash it off with a little cold water -- not hot or that will set the stain.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the peroxide stops fizzing on contact.

4. If it still looks like there is blood on there despite the fizzing being done, rub with a bar of soap before laundering in a cold wash cycle.

Now do us a favor and only use this removal technique for good. No scratching out exes -- just bug bites.


Image via Alex012/Flickr

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