Lady Gaga: Her $25,000-a-Month Bel Air Home


Lady Gaga house Bel Air home

Wow, I knew Lady Gaga was striking it rich, but $25,000 a month for a second home in sunny California (eyes bug out!)?

Yep, according to The Real Estalker (via The Frisky), the Lady is leasing a humble six-bedroom, eight-bathroom home in the hills over Bel Air. That's quite a big leap from the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Lady Gaga house Bel Air home

Lady Gaga's SoCal residence is a mere 6,143 square feet and has marble floors, a curving staircase, a two-story living room with French doors, two fireplaces with carved stone mantel pieces, an office/library with built-in shelving and French doors that open to the pool terrace, and a gigantic kitchen with a separate breakfast area and an outdoor eating area. There's also, as you can see, a resort-style swimming pool as well as a spa with hillside views across the canyon.

Gaga's place is also just a hop, skip, and a jump from the former house of Heidi Klum, which Nick Lachey got sloppy seconds on and is now selling for $6,800,000.

I wonder how Lady Gaga has the place decorated. As shown, this place seems too Hollywood-wholesome for Gaga. I'm picturing a giant nutty installation art piece in that space where the staircase wraps around. And maybe some guys in red leather costumes holding feather fans lined up around the pool.

What do you think of Lady Gaga's SoCal home?


Images via The Real Estalker

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APeve... APeveteaux

It's lovely. But I always wonder why one person needs six bedrooms. Really.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Call me the hippie or whatever, bleeding heart... but when I see things like this, I can't help but think if they'd tone down the excessiveness just a LITTLE and spend some of that extra money on their country, celebrities could fix SO much.

nonmember avatar koshka

Give the girl a break it is her money she worked for it . why not live a little .sometimes finding a nice private home to relax  is hard,plus her family will come  and with that pool you go girl ! beautiful home .I hope she has many a relaxing time there . thank you, know I would. you only live once, after that the judgement !

frysh... fryshannon34

She is probably never even there

RanaA... RanaAurora

Right, being a celebrity is obviously harder than fighting a war in Iraq or policing the streets of NYC.

OBVIOUSLY her life is rough.

nonmember avatar pat joseph


She worked her brain and went insane to be able to enjoy her self counting all the money she has earned and deserves the best for it, I'm just saying. Great entertainer, marvelous pipes, so crazy works for publicity and attention.

nonmember avatar thatsmyoldhood

Between Chantilly and Stone Canyon, off of Bellagio/Chalon.

Nice neighborhood, but that place has always looked cramped from the street. I guess the view from the back helps make up for it, heh. 

nonmember avatar sam hall

     I think referring to the new owner of Heidi Klum's former home as "getting sloppy seconds" is needlessly crude, and offensive to both of them, but, if that's the kind of mind your editors have...

nonmember avatar eschilbrack

     "Sloppy seconds" when buying a model's house?  I'm sure you intended that to be a disgusting slam, to show how hip & kool y'are;  I'm far from being a prude, but maybe I should think about a porno filter.

nonmember avatar Becky

If she wants to spend a million on a house every month why does it matter to you? Me? Anyone?  It doesn't  And As far as what celeb's could do to help others. I bet most do more than we know about. Bottom line is...she earned it she can spend it. Does she come tell you what you should do with YOUR money?

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