Summer Water Play on a Budget: Deals of the Week

lagoon poolThe summer sun may be shining brightly, but the summer sales are already underway. It's time to watch for great summer deals, especially on seasonal items, and get a huge bang for your buck.

If this summer's heat waves have you and the kids feeling cranky and sweating up a storm, here are five great deals on summer water play products from Amazon,, Sears, and Modell's.


1. If you can fit your whole family into a pool that's less than $20, I'd say that's a great deal. And that's exactly what you can do with this Lagoon Pool (shown left) from Sears for $17.99 (assuming you have a family of 3 or 4 and not 15).

2. What's a little pool time without an inflatable swim ring like this one for a mere $3.99 at Amazon?

inflatable swim ring

3. If you have a pool and you want even more splash, how about a floating fountain for $39.95 at (28 percent off the regular price!). I know a certain son of mine who would absolutely love this addition to our backyard.

floating fountain

4. Everyone needs a pool lounger. (Well, everyone with access to a pool, I should say.) But if you do have a pool or you frequent a pool where they allow these enjoyable loungers, you need something to relax on, to read in, to sip margaritas from. Like this Aviva Pool Lounger ($24.99) from Modell's.

pool lounger

5. While you're getting some sun in your pool lounger, keep the kids busy with this really fun t-ball sprinkler from Amazon for $4.98 (that's 58 percent off right now). That's a lot of fun for a pretty low cost.

t-ball sprinklerAre there any great water play sale items you've picked up this week? Share!


Images from top to bottom via Sears, Amazon,, Modell's, and Amazon

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