5 Small-Scale DIY Projects That Can Beautify Your Home

paper clock diy design spongeThere are at least a hundred different DIY projects I'd love to tackle around my house right now, but unless a few extra hours are added to each day, that's about 95 projects too many. 

Regardless of how much time I may have, I'm still constantly inspired by small-scale DIY projects I see elsewhere, and here are just five examples of easy projects I'd love to incorporate into my own home one day and that would no doubt pretty up my home. (You know, when the days get longer.)


1. A DIY Paper Clock, seen on Design*Sponge (and pictured to the left). I genuinely need a clock, which is why I put this bargain clock roundup together a couple weeks ago, but making my own clock sounds like just as much fun as shopping for one.

This project doesn't look that difficult, and I have nearly all the supplies on hand (except the clock movement kit). It's just about finding the time and motivation to actually sit down and do it! (Although there's a joke just waiting to be made that having a clock might help me find the time.)

2. Make no-sew curtains. I tend to exhale when I hear "no-sew" anything since I'm such a sewing newbie. Young House Love sure makes this DIY project seem simple. If the hardest part of a project is picking fabric my husband and I can agree on, I'm happy.

no sew curtains

3. Replace a few wood-paneled kitchen cabinets with glass panels, like these gorgeous glass-paneled kitchen cabinets I recently saw at House Tweaking. This project doesn't seem that hard or that expensive. In fact, if I were ranking my DIY desires, this project would top my list because of the cost and difficulty level. (Although glass panels mean I'd have to finally organize my kitchen cabinets.)

glass paneled cabinet

4. Put together a photo wall. The Stir's own Sheri has even posted how to do this exact thing, so it's just a matter of buying the frames, picking the photos, and getting started. Well, that's not entirely true. The real first step is painting our living room, then tackling the photo wall.

photo wall

5. Replace our kitchen counter-tops. It's amazing what a few changes to a kitchen can do for the whole house. Although I love our kitchen, I think some updates would do wonders for the space and the resale value. I'd love to switch out our boring, drab laminate counter-tops with lovely wood ones like the picture below. (Thankfully, my husband already knows how to do this, so we just have to save the money to get this project started.)

wood kitchen countertops

What small-scale DIY project would you like to tackle first in your house?


Images from top to bottom via Design*Sponge, Young House Love, House Tweaking, Travis Isaacs/Flickr, Charles & Hudson

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