HGTV 'Design Star' Recap: Who's Got Flower Power?

Design Star Flower challenge

This week the designers gathered at the New York Flower Market to select their favorite flowers. The challenge? Design a 650-square-foot apartment using the team's bouquet as the overall inspiration.

Spoiler Alert: We're telling all. Check it out.


I think it's kind of funny that judge Vern Yip felt the need to tell the contestants, "Remember, I don't want you guys to take this literally. Dig a little deeper. If you literally translate these floral bouquets from a color palette standpoint, you will go home." In other words, don't be a Tera (episode 2).

"Clean, minimal, soft, fresh, happy." Michael's description of how the men wanted their apartment to look based on their team bouquet of calla lilies, snapdragons, tulips, and ranunculi.

"Bohemian, romantic, and loose." Emily's description of how the ladies wanted their apartment to feel based on their team bouquet of waxflowers, orchids, carnations, and hyacinths.

Doesn't it always sound so fun and exciting at the beginning of the episode? But I've got a few things to say.

To Stacey: A carnation is "a starting point, a beginning moment"? Uh, what was that? All I can think of is that folks seem to buy carnations when they don't have enough money to splurge on tulips, roses, or daffodils. Is this what you mean by starting point?

To Tom: Love how you were downright giddy explaining that flowers make you think of all things "luminous and shiny." On the other hand, the huffing and puffing are not quite so attractive, dude.

To Alex: I knew the paint order was going to go wrong, and I truly wished it otherwise. Don't let these guys intimidate you. You need to stand tall and keep your head up. Everyone makes mistakes, but I'm beginning to wonder how many more you can make before we say goodbye.

To the Ladies: Give Dan a break, will you? This man is not here to build every single thing you desire.

To Dan: No more mister nice guy. Tell the women you are through being their workhorse.

To Nina: Another mural? I agree with Stacey. Girl, you are a broken record.

After the judges viewed the spaces, they decided that the designers needed to be judged individually instead of as a team. Bottom Four? Nina, Dan, Courtland, and Alex.

And for once, I completely and totally agree with the judges. (Gasp!)

It was quite true that Nina's designing skills were on repeat. Bold color, a mural with squiggles? Been there, done that. Dan spent too much time building and trying to please the ladies and not enough time designing. Alex seemed to be intimidated by the guys, especially after he made the paint mistake. And Courtland? I'm not sure how the shelves represented the calla lily either, and I'm not buying his explanation.

No overall winner this week. But you know what? I really want to see more of the designs. Is it just me or did you feel like we didn't hear enough from the designers who were praised for their work this week?

In the end, it was Dan who was sent home. Let's see how the ladies fare without his contracting skills. I think I'll miss him, though. He seemed so positive and upbeat from day one.

After four episodes, I feel like it's about time to go out on a limb and predict the next Design Star. I'm going with Michael. I think he's the strongest designer on the show. He's confident, creative, and consistent.

Anyone else care to wager a bet? Who do you think will be the next Design Star?


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