4 Unconventional Craft Supplies From Martha Stewart

bleach craftI've been doing a lot of craft project research lately both for this blog and for my own life, and the more research I do, the more unusual (but really cool!) ideas I come across.

So, I rounded up some of those ideas I specifically found at Martha Stewart's site, and wanted to share them with you.

Here are five fairly unconventional craft supplies and project ideas for using them.


1. Bleach pens (pictured left!). Grab a bleach pen (you may already have a few in your laundry room) and apply interesting patterns and designs to some solid-colored tablecloths, table runners, napkins, or other fabrics. The project ideas for this technique are endless. (The website also suggests fitting your bleach pen with a stainless steel tip for less bleeding of the bleach.)

2. Leaves. You probably have a few leaves in your own yard, and with this simple idea, you can use those leaves to decorate candle holders or vases.

leaves candleholder

3. A sand dollar (or other flat shell). You can find sand dollars at almost any beach you go to, and after a deep clean, simply apply epoxy glue to the night-light clip, and you have a quick and easy (and pretty!) craft project.

night light

4. Sand. Another summer-inspired craft idea. Buy some different colored sands and create a pattern in a regular drinking glass. Then place a pretty votive candle right on top and there you go!

sand candle

What are some unconventional craft supplies you'd like to share?


Images via Martha Stewart

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