Indoor Picnic Table: Dining Area Trend

Nikole Herriott kitchen picnic table
Photo by Celine Kim
I know I already blathered on and on about the Design*Sponge home tour of Nikole Herriott of forty-sixth at grace and her adorable picnic table in the kitchen (and the sweet story behind it).

I love it. What can I say?

However, since then I've noticed several others -- other great-looking traditionally outdoor picnic tables being used as indoor dining tables.

Read on to see more photos of this dining area trend. Maybe the indoor picnic table alternative would work in your kitchen or dining room.





dining room set picnic table

Can you even believe this lovely white-washed dining table, found on Nesting Place (from the home of Angela of The Painted House), is an old picnic table purchased for $30? Angela used a layered painting technique to fancy it up a bit. Gorgeous!

dining area kitchen table picnic

This standard picnic table, inside the home of Mandi at Organizing Your Way, works really well in her modern and minimalist kitchen. Complements the butch block countertops so nicely.

black picnic table

Abbey over at Aesthetic Outburst painted this thrifted picnic table so adorably in black gloss with a gold stripe, I could totally see this being used indoors.

A typical picnic table can be an affordable way to add a little character to your home and seat a family indoors at mealtime. Such a smart and thrifty idea!

What do you think of this indoor picnic table trend -- yes or no?

Images via Celine Kim, Nesting Place, Organizing Your Way, Aesthetic Outburst

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