Eclipse Decor: Get the Bella Blanket

bella eclipseYou don't have to go goth to incorporate some Twilight decor into your house -- or even embarrass yourself with some tweentastic posters.

Eclipse gave us adults our own chance at a link to the film that can fit into any style.

Introducing the Bella Blanket -- aka the blanket Bella Swan's mom gives her on her trip to Florida with Edward (don't worry, no major spoilers in that).


A giant quilt made of travel t-shirts, they're sometimes called memory quilts or memory blankets.

I'd seen these done with baby clothes (and have been saving some of my favorites of my daughter's clothes for just this purpose), but it's only this week that the travel tees seem to be jumping out at me.

And considering how ill-planned the travel tee purchase is, it's the perfect way to combine good memories with good fashion sense (aka getting them OFF your chest).

A friend just put up a pic of hers on her Facebook, and she had it embroidered to celebrate the "World Travel of Richard and Tina."

She had hers made up by the Campus Quilt Company, and it's adorable, but sending them out to some of the Etsy shop owners can make yours stand out from the mass-produced.

t-shirt quilt

This one from Fishtail Designs isn't afraid to vary from the solid "every t-shirt's the same" design.

crazy quiltA crazy quilt style helps make up for a lack of tees if you haven't traveled far and wide yet. This one from Rhyann's Quilts is distinctly different.

Of course, if you're a sewer, you can make your own -- there's a how-to at eHow that breaks it all down. You'll need at least 42 shirts to make a queen-sized quilt.

Do you have tees to make a Bella blanket?


Images via Summit Entertainment/Fishtail Designs/Rhyann's Quilts

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