Double Your Closet Space in 5 Easy Steps

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Organizing your closet is only as difficult and time-consuming as you make it. And no more "my closet is too small" excuses. Professional organizers know the key to freeing up clogged storage is setting priorities and maximizing existing space. Here are five quick and simple closet organization solutions to try the next rainy day -- no knocking down walls, fancy boxes and contraptions, or online organizing software required. Follow these five tips and double your closet space in no time!



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1. Purge and declutter

You'll have more space if you get rid of the stuff you never wear. This can be difficult, as clothes often have emotional attachment. Ask yourself four simple questions when closet cleaning:

-- Have I worn this in the past year?

-- Do I feel good when I wear it?

-- Am I keeping it because I have buyer's remorse?

-- Should I even wear it?

If you answer no to any of the above, say goodbye to that blouse you ordered online that makes you look like you're wearing a ruffled tablecloth, to those adorable sandals you got on sale but that squeeze your toes into fat sausages, to the jeans two sizes too big that you hold on to for "fat" days ...


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2. Sideline your shoes

Box organizers and shoe boxes may neaten things up, but they gobble up space that could be used for other items. Skip the fancy gadget and try this super space-saving shoe tip: Place all pairs on the floor (or in shelves if you're lucky enough to have some) and alternate each one toe-to-heel, so the pair nests together, like you find them in shoe boxes, minus the wasted space.


color coordinated closet3. Color coordinate

Think about rainbows and how peaceful they make you. By reorganizing your clothes according to the rainbow spectrum, you can achieve the same happy effect in your closet.

Organizing by color will give you the nudge to weed out a few of those black t-shirts (no, you don't need all 12 nor do you, if you're really honest, probably wear all 12). It will also help remind you that you probably don't need three more white blouses this season because you'll be able to see you already have six. See? Saved you space already. 


4. Buy top-rated hangers

Your closet will instantly look neater and you'll actually have more space. The home blog Haystack Needle tried out various hangers from the Container Store, Bed Bath & Beyond, and HSN and found Joy Mangano hangers work best because they are slim, work with all kinds of clothes (including spaghetti straps), and are affordable, too ($40 for 36 hangers).

Check out Haystack Needle's before and after below:

organized closet
With top-rated hangers

 messy closet
Without top-rated hangers









hanging boots in closet5. Hang your boots

Boots don't belong on the bottom of the closet -- not only do they take up space, but they sag, get creased, and lose their shape. This simple boot-hanging idea employs the use of a sturdy, inexpensive paper clip fixed with a nail on the wall. Put a soft cloth or tissue between your boot and the clip, just to be safe and especially for warm weather storage months. The slate gray backdrop wall here makes the boots LOOK great too.






How do you keep your closet organized?


Images (top to bottom): nolaclutterbusters/Flickr; Sheri Reed (2-4); Haystack Needle; Sasa

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