3 Tips to Declutter the Paperwork in Your Home Office

Receipts and other paper add to clutter.
Declutter your life.
Even the best of us has been guilty of hanging onto one paper or another for far too long. Why? We think we might need it someday. Or, we're just not sure what to do.

At LearnVest, we are focused on not only decluttering your finances but decluttering your life. To make the second part easier, here are the top three pieces of paper that confound us and how you should handle them.


1. Receipts.

With much of the world moving to paperless, you should strive to, too. Once you reconcile your minor purchases against your accounts online and bank statements, feel free to throw out these reminders. Hold onto receipts for major purchases or items you might need to return.

2. Credit Card Statements.

Every month you should get rid of them. (Shred them, of course.) Just save it long enough to make sure the charges are correct. And, by the way, you should opt to have your bills online anyway.

3. Tax Documents.

More than anything, we're huge proponents of going paperless. Scan W-2s, 1099s, receipts for deductible business expenses, etc. and save them on your computer. No need to have this sensitive financial information sitting around, but do make sure you backup your hard drive.

What's worked for us is the following: once the transaction is resolved, you're absolved. Also, get your finances together using online tools and products for as much as you can and save the paper for the trees.

Do you have any tips to help tame the paper beast? 

Alexa von Tobel, is the founder and CEO of LearnVest,  a personal finance hub for women.

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