4 Ways to Avoid Feeling Like a Pack Mule This Summer

shopper's toteWhy does the most relaxing season of the year always turn you into a pack mule?

Picture it -- you hit the farmers' market for the bumper crop of heirlooms and the next thing you know you're loaded down with bags from the nursery, the groovy organic guy, and that indie baker you couldn't resist.

Sound familiar?

How about your beach trip last weekend, when your sun baked buzz was totally ruined by the need schlep everyone's stuff back to the car?

We'd lend you some virtual help to shoulder the load, but these options might be better:


1. The Shoppers Tote. It's just a 2-ounce piece of plastic, but this baby can carry up to 70 pounds and there's a little rib to keep the bags from falling off. In other words -- no more bags slipping out of your hands and trying to juggle them all. I found out about this the old-fashioned way -- a friend "liked" it on Facebook, and I looked into the new company -- and got them to offer up a discount code to The Stir. They're usually $5 apiece but you can get five Shoppers Totes for $20 before July 9. Call it an extra hand on us.

sling messenger bag2. A Backpack. Sounds simple, but I don't know how many times I've heard women whine that it just ruins their look. You know what really ruins your look? Surgery scars.

3. A Sling Messenger Bag. Etsy is loaded with these bags that shift the load across your body, and many are made with sustainable materials (yay!) by mompreneurs (more yay!). And did we mention they're usually extra roomy?

4. Leave the Bags and Just Take Less. Novel concept, I know. And not always workable if you have kids. But do you really need the sunscreen bottle when you just put it on and you're only spending 20 minutes at the market? Or your entire wallet when you're going to be lying on a beach? Besides, more trips to the car means more exercise, which means you'll look better in that bathing suit.

How do you keep it simple?


Images via The Shopper's Tote/ Twinkle Stitch Etsy Shop

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