DIY Challenge: What Color Should I Paint My Living Room?

living room
My living room
When we moved into our house a year ago, I loved the mustard yellow paint color in our living room (to the left). It was different, original, and funky, which was refreshing after years of bland wall colors in multiple rental homes.

But, it's been a full year and both my husband and I are growing tired of these funky yellow walls.

We want to repaint and we want your help!


Since our couches are fairly neutral, we have a blank canvas to work with in terms of the new color palette of our living room.

But, what color palette should we choose?

I have three options to share with you and then you get to vote. This will be fun, I promise!

Number one...

living room
gray living room

I really like the idea of a dark gray wall although this might be a little too dark. I even like the deep purple throw pillows on the couch with the neutral curtains and accessories.

Number two...

living room
brown living room

This is a classic look, but it could be a great canvas for some really bright and eye-catching accessories and odds and ends. It's a darker brown, but it's striking, isn't it?

I also love that big white area rug.

Number three...

living room
blue living room

This light blue living room (with slight yellow accents) would definitely brighten up the room, but is it too reminiscent of a beach house? I don't want to inch toward "theme room!" so I'd have to be careful with how we decorate.

Which color should we choose? Take our poll.

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Expand in the comments if you'd like. Thanks, everyone!


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