The 10 Best Summertime Home & Garden Deals

lawn mower cordsDid you know June is the best month to buy hardware and houses? You'll find hardware and home improvement deals galore directly before Father's Day, as well as during the December holiday season. As for houses, you'll find the best selection April to June, but watch for lower prices in the fall when the buyer demand is down.

So what Home & Garden deals can be found in July and August? Well, founder of, Luke Knowles, gives us the inside scoop on the other eight Home & Garden products that are sold at lower prices in summertime.


Beyond hardware and houses in June, there are still lots of good deals to be had in the remaining months of summer. July and August have plenty of bargains to offer. 



New furniture is typically released bi-annually. Retailers like Crate & Barrel slash prices in January with anticipation of new furniture arriving in February. Prices are lowered again in July for the arrival of new furniture in August. Furniture also goes on sale around Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Father's Day, Black Friday, and Christmas. Best time to buy furniture: January and July



Computers have become essential items for students, which is why most retailers have big back to school sales in August. You can also get a good deal on a computer during the run up to Christmas. Technology blogs and manufacturer websites should have information about when new computer models will be released. If you have your eye on an older model and a new model is soon to be released, it may be worth the wait in order to buy it at a lower price. Best time to buy a computer: August and December 


Apparently people are less interested in sucking the moisture out of their homes in late summer as August is when merchants put dehumidifiers on sale. Best time to buy a dehumidifier: August 

Garden Plants and Flowers

Prices on plants and flowers fall drastically after midsummer when nurseries and garden supply stores are trying to clear inventory. Best time to buy garden plants and flowers: August 


Grocery sales tend to run Wednesday through Tuesday making the first day of the sale the best time to get in on discounts before items sell out. Buy items at lower prices or in-season and save them for later use by freezing them. You can also plan ahead for your holiday meals and buy a discounted turkey, then freeze it for Thanksgiving or Christmas. The best time to buy fruits and vegetables is when they are fresh.

The following is a list of the best produce to buy in summer: Beets, blackberries, broccoli, corn, cucumber, eggplant, green beans, nectarines, peaches, plums, raspberries, tomatoes, watermelon, and zucchini.

Lawn Mowers

Once summer is over, stores begin preparing for fall products, which means big sales on lawn mowers. Stores need to make room for new inventory and lawn mowers take up plenty of space. Best time to buy a lawn mower: August 

Swing Sets

Swing sets go on sale at summer's end when children have abandoned outdoor play for indoor pursuits. Swing sets also take up a lot of floor space merchants are just itching to fill with holiday merchandise. Best time to buy a swing set: August

SUMMER (General)


Mad dogs and Englishmen paint in the noon-day sun ... or in the heat of summer. That's why paint retailers have sales on both interior and exterior paints during the hottest months of the year. Best time to buy paint: Summer

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