'Domino' Archives Are Back. Hallelujah!

Domino magazine cover Zooey DeschanelThe design world was pretty crushed (I'm still not over it) when the wonder that was Domino magazine folded, amid the fall of many other popular shelter magazines.

But here's some exciting news, via AT!

Now we can access the glory of the Domino archives once again -- on Brides.com, another publication by publisher Condé Nast.


I'm happy to see that Condé Nast knows the value of the content they own from the era of Domino. It's amazing to see how timeless, smart, and ever stylish so much of the content from Domino still is.

Already up in the Domino archives in Home Decor on Brides.com:

How to Organize Your Linen Closet

How to Makeover Your Home, Step-by-Step

Control Your Clutter

10 Ideas for High-Impact Decorating

Arranging Flowers

Organize Your Garage

How to Decorate a (Very) Small Apartment

Fun huh? 

Were you a big fan of Domino magazine? Will you be checking out the archives?

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