5 Bathroom Clutter Reducers: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

messy bathroom clutter

Let’s face it: Life is too short to tackle every pile of clutter that makes its way into your bathroom each and every day. Instead of pulling your hair out -- not to mention every drawer and cabinet -- in a lame attempt to control the clutter, give yourself a break and hide it. That’s right, just hide it. Eureka, sometimes life really is that simple.

To "disappear" those unsightly half-used shampoo containers, that mountain of toilet paper overstock, your icky grimy soap dispenser, and heap of soiled laundry, try …


wicker baskets west elmAn impressive array of woven baskets is all you need hide away mismatched towels and washcloths. Also a must-have for those who exclusively buy toilet paper in bulk.

These sturdy rattan Kooboo Storage bins from West Elm ($39 to $89) should do.






wooden chest trunk for the bathroomAh, the old wooden chest trick. Stuff your cleaning supplies and “where am I supposed to put this?” knickknacks in a vintage-looking storage trunk like this one from Pier One ($259.95). You could even dress it up by stacking your most presentable towels on top.






hide laundry folding screenIs it a smoke screen or a folding screen? It doesn’t really matter where you stash your dirty laundry as long as it makes a statement, which is exactly the point of this banana bark and rattan screen from Pier 1 Imports ($199.95).







glass jar with spoon for old shampooA really nice glass jar and wooden spoon is a pretty way to dump lingering squirts of Jergens or Pantene without keeping those ugly used-up bottles around. You can find decorative jars and bottles at craft stores, or simply recycle the jelly jar you got at your local grocery store. You see? Easy and eco-friendly.






vintage soap tinFinally, failing to supply the bathroom with hand soap is bad form. Yes, soap dispensers and dishes get grimy and nasty, but who says you have to look at it? Do yourself a favor and stick a lid on it with an old-fashioned soap tin like this one from Anthropologie ($12).










There you have it. Out of sight, out of mind.

How do you control clutter in your bathroom?


Images (top to bottom): Katie@!/Flickr; West Elm; Pier 1 Imports; Pier 1 Imports; Couronne Co.; Anthropologie

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