7 Vintage-Style Tabletop Fans That Are Kid-Friendly

vintage fans retro
Vintage fans while cute are not always kid-friendly.
The electric fans of yesteryear are so darn cute and charming compared to plastic-bodied box fans you find today. Of course, with kids in the house, old-style fans like the one shown above -- as adorable as it is -- can be a bit of a hazard to our child's small fingers. Ouch!

Turns out, though, you don't have to sacrifice style for safety. If you look hard enough, you can find desktop fans with a retro or vintage style that are also kid-friendly.


7 Vintage-Style Tabletop Fans:

deco style fan lime green retro vintage Minka Aire Retro Style Fan Table Fan brushed nickel


Casablanca Zephair Desk Fan Satin Brass Accentshunter red retro fan

Hunter Rockefeller Pearl White Finish desk fan vintagecopper vintage style fan


And my favorite vintage-style fan:

Vornado Vintage Air circulator Table Fan

Fans shown above:

Deco Breeze Lime Retro Metal Fan - green, other colors available ($49.99) at Target

Minka Aire Retro Style Fan Table Fan - brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze also available ($53.91) at FanShack.com

Casablanca Zephair Desk Fan With Satin Brass Accents ($199.99) at Lamps Plus

Hunter Retro Red Tabletop Fan ($59.95) at HSN 

Hunter Rockefeller Pearl White Finish Desk Fan - pearl white, other colors available ($189.91) at Lamps Plus

Optimus F-6122 Antique-Design Table Fan - copper finish ($45.99) at Amazon 

Vornado Vintage Air Circulator Table Fan ($249.99) at Amazon

Which vintage-style fan is your favorite?

Images top to bottom via Dirty Birdies Vintage, Target, FanShack.com, Lamps Plus, HSN, Amazon

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