How to Play Frisbee: Great Backyard Games

kids playing frisbee

What's more relaxing than a game of frisbee in the summertime? The cool breeze, that colorful disc flying through those blue skies. Summer perfection in my book. Let's play!


The Equipment:

One of the best things about frisbee is that it requires only one piece of equipment: a flying disc with a diameter usually between 8 and 9 inches. Choose a colorful frisbee so you can easily find it when it lands in tall grass or in the woods.

Playing the Game:

Frisbee is very versatile. It's a great game to play with kids, simply throwing the disc back and forth. You can play keep away, add and subtract players with ease, and even invent your own games. Perhaps the family dog will get in on the action, too.  If you're surrounded by competitive adults, there's always ultimate frisbee or disc golf.

Where to Play:

Another great thing about frisbee is that you can play anywhere. Grassy lawns are great as is the beach. My family likes to keep a frisbee in the car in the summertime for impromptu games in the park. Frisbee is also the perfect game to bring along when you're on a summer camping trip. It doesn't take up much space!

Where to Buy:

Frisbees are not expensive. Yet another plus for this backyard game.

Walmart sells a cool glow-in-the-dark frisbee ($10) made by Wham-O. Perfect for playing late into the evening. offers the EcoSaucer flying disc ($8.09), an environmentally friendly frisbee made from recycled plastic milk containers.

Blueberry Forest Toys has really lovely crocheted flying discs ($9.95 each). These discs are 100 percent cotton, fair trade, and hand-crafted in Guatemala. A lovely alternative to the traditional frisbee.

Do you play frisbee? 


Image via donjd2/Flickr

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