Crash Pads: 5 Plush, Cushy Kids Rugs

small child toddler crash helmetI’m the mother of a toddler. Therefore, I spend a lot of time worrying about him bashing the delicate cerebral cortex section of his head on the floor. We used to have hardwood floors; now we have marble. You can understand, of course. It’s nerve-wracking.

Although my son is gaining more motor control these days, not a day goes by that I don’t pat myself on the back for investing in a colorful, stripy, and fun crash pad rug for his playroom.

Here are some rugs for kids that will help brighten up your house while cushioning your kid from inevitable slips and falls.


target dot fun rugDwellStudio® for Target® Dot Fun Rug ($79.99): For a bargain rug from Target, it’s not a bad deal at all. The first thing you want to make sure of when shopping for a crash pad rug is that it’s 100 percent (or almost there) wool. It should also be slip-resistant and easy to clean. This one is spot on.






Skip Hop PlayspotSkip Hop Playspot ($78.99): A no-brainer, these multi-colored foam floor tiles look super-cute in the nursery, family, or playroom. A friend of mine has one assembled in her home and, I’ve gotta say, it looks like the assembly is worth it. For some people. I remain rather lazy when it comes to things like assembling rugs. That’s why we bought …





STRIB Ikea rug

STRIB ($199): IKEA price and surprisingly high quality, this dense, wool rug feels great under your feet and is virtually soundproof. It shed a great deal in the first couple of weeks, but it’s since settled down. Now all our STRIB requires is a weekly vacuum.





ULDUM Ikea rugULDUM ($249): Shelling out an extra 50 bucks will buy you more floor coverage with this 100 percent pure wool rug. It’s equally as colorful, lush, and easy to clean.







Mayflower wool rugMayflower ($453.99): For the design-conscious mommy with moolah to spend, the benefit of this rug is that it’s 100 percent hand-tufted wool and stylish enough to find a permanent home in yours long after your tots turn into teens.







Which kids' rug would you choose?


Images (top to bottom) via: Phil Scoville/Flickr; Target.; IKEA;

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