Pacific Garbage Patch Could Become Your Next Vacuum

vac from the seaThe task of cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch -- that huge floating mass of plastic trash in the middle of the Pacific -- is headed to a home near you.

Electrolux is talking about turning the plastic patch into your new vacuum cleaner.


In a project they're calling "Vac From the Sea," the company is trying to garner green cred by pulling plastic from polluted marine environments, sorting it, washing it, and using it to create "a limited number of concept vacuum cleaners."

Which sounds pretty cool.

Except for a few issues we see with this:

1. A "limited number" doesn't sound like it will use a heckuva lot of plastic.

2. All that plastic sitting in the water and sun is degrading significantly, so its chance of being usable when yanked from the water is iffy at best. Which leads us to the other problem:

3. How much energy will be used to pull this trash from the water and try to find something usable?

We're not bashing a company for being proactive and bringing awareness to one of the world's biggest examples of mankind's disrespect for the earth.

But will this "plastic karma" be good for the earth or just good for Electrolux?


Image via Electrolux

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