Niecy Nash: How Clean Is HER House?

Niecy NashNiecy Nash is on a mission to clean the world.

The host of Clean House and recent Dancing With the Stars contestant is stepping out of America's messy houses and joining Clorox on a campaign to flush contaminants out of the world's water supply.

On the way she stopped to tell The Stir about her housekeeping secrets in a house with three kids and how to clean the world's water.


Tell us about Ode to the Commode.

You know, I've been hosting my home makeover show, Clean House, on the Style Network for quite some time now.

And I've become so passionate about people having clean homes, that when I found out that 2.6 billion people worldwide don't have access to clean toilets or proper sanitation, I said wait a minute! What is really going on here?

A lot of people really think it's just "we have to improve the water system," but what ends up happening with the water is that people are using the water in lieu of having sanitation.

Then they use that same water to cook with, to drink, to wash with. Then, as a mom, I find out that it's claiming 5,000 children a DAY. I said, wait a minute, how can I help you all?

So I partnered with Clorox and the World Toilet Organization to try to bring light to this issue to get people to help.

At they'll find a virtual toilet. They flush it online, and Clorox donates $1 to the World Toilet Organization.

Being a mom really affects you looking at kids around the world, but what's it like in your house? As a mom how clean IS your house, really?

Well, I tell you, I live in fear that one day my show is going to knock on the door and say, "Surprise, it's Clean House!"

Because of that, I make sure it stays together.

Any tips you can give the rest of us on how you keep those three kids organized?

ode to the commodeYou just want to make sure there is a place for EVERYTHING. When you say, "Go clean your room," and there's not a place for you to put those things, it become a little more challenging.

But if there is a hamper in the room, that's a place for the clothes to go. If you make sure your children have enough hangers, that's a place for them to hang their things up.

If there's a toy box or a chest or a desk where they can put their papers, as long as there's a place for things to go, it's usually a little easier to organize.

How old are your kids?

I have a son who is 18, a daughter who's 15, and my baby girl is 10.

So they're old enough to actually be involved in cleaning around the house?

Honey, they've been old enough since they've been in the world! That's why I had children!

Do they watch you on Clean House?

My children don't really watch me on television. For them, my job is my do, which is very far away from who. They are more concerned with "can you take me to the store, I need to get dropped off at a school dance, can I have five dollars?" They don't really care about the fact that I'm on television.

So the whole Dancing With the Stars thing, they weren't waiting with bated breath to see if Mom got voted off?

They made sure they voted for me, and I don't know if it's because I forced them. But I'm going to tell you, I did say, "Listen, be aware of who is paying that cell phone bill, alright? You going to talk on that phone, you better be voting for your Mama!"

I've always loved the flower in your hair; how did that style start?

Well, you know. When I started in the home makeover genre, I was the only woman of color that I saw doing this kind of show. I didn't think I would remain the only woman, and I wanted to be easy to find.

So I put the flower in my hair, and now people know who I am.

So what else are you doing with Ode to Commode -- is anything else coming up?

Right now I'm just trying to gear up this campaign to get people to go online to flush this toilet, because I really want to help them make as much money as they can.

Here's the answer to the question: Am I my brother or my sister's keeper? I am. And if I'm online anyway, looking up recipes, going on to chat with my friends, if I can stop by this site to help some people out, that's what I'm asking people to do.

Practice flushing on Facebook and get a coupon for 75 cents off a Clorox product, but tell us -- do you watch Niecy clean up?


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