DIY Invisible Wardrobe: How to Build in a Closet

wardrobe closet wallpaper

How gorgeous is this DIY Invisible Wardrobe from Elaine in Dublin, Ireland, who keeps the blog Jaboopee?

Not only is the wardrobe closet beautifully decorated, but it was designed (by Elaine) and built (by her husband) into an unused alcove in their bedroom -- so it's a brilliant use of space as well.


I'm collecting built-in closet ideas for when we add a second bathroom into our walk-in closet. It's so fun to see how creative people can find a place to tuck a whole closet.

Elaine was nice enough to share some During and After shots of the Invisible Wardrobe project.

She has been collecting wallpaper samples every time she visits home improvement stores that sell it, and I love how she puts them to use on the dresser and interior walls of the closet. The mix of patterns creates such a lovely little vignette.

This came out so pretty that I swear I'd just want to sit around and open and close my closet door all day.


diy project building wardrobe

DIY project wardrobe

closet wallpaper

closte wallpaper bedroom


wardrobe closet


closet bedroom mirror

Isn't that awesome? And I have to say Elaine also has a real knack for mix 'n' matching floral patterns. I find this whole bedroom view so homey and appealing.


All images via Jaboopee

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