Fabric Tape DIY -- Your New Favorite Decorative Accent


I've been seeing gorgeous examples of fabric tape popping up all around the blogosphere. On lampshades. On file folders. As a decorative accent on gift wrapping. So I put on my detective hat and tracked down the DIY 411. Turns out Kathrin of Annekata is the brilliant (and creative!) mind behind this movement.

Learn how to make your own fabric tape when you click through.


Kathrin started with:
-- 2" wide brown paper tape (found at office supply stores)
-- Wax paper
-- Fabric scraps
-- White school glue

First, she took strips of the brown paper tape and taped them to a piece of wax paper.

Next, she cut strips of fabric that were wider than the 2" wide tape, and she glued them to the tape strips. (She notes that if your tape has a shiny surface, you may need to sand it a bit to get the glue to stick.)

Finally, after the glue was dry, she trimmed the edges of the fabric with an X-acto knife and ruler to make clean lines.

Simple as that! Don't you think the tape is adorable? What kind of projects would you use fabric tape on?


Images via Annekata

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