Too Many Friends? Facebook Friends Lists Help Get Them Under Control

facebook friends screen shotThe Facebook Friends List is a great tool that can help you to organize and categorize your Facebook friends and keep you from getting overwhelmed by your social media life -- seriously, it's supposed to be fun, folks.

Here's the lowdown on Facebook Lists: what they are, how to use them, and how to set them up.


What Are Lists:

Facebook Friends Lists allow you to create lists and then categorize all your Facebook friends into your own customized lists.

With a click to the List you've created, you can filter in the updates you want to see and filter out the updates that can wait.

Facebook ListsWhere Can I View the Lists:

Facebook Lists can be found in the left-hand column of your main Facebook page (see image at left).

This Facebook user has her Friends categorized into seven lists: Good Reads, Restaurants, Shops, Work Friends, Bloggers, Family, and High School.

How to Use a List:

If the above Facebook user is hungry on a Saturday night and wants to see what menu items her local restaurants are boasting about, then she can click Restaurants to see only the eateries she added to this list.

If she's going shopping and wants to find the best sales, she can click Shops.

Or if she's been on vacation and wants to see what her work friends were up to while she was away, she can simply click Work Friends to see only those people and their updates.

You can set your Lists up in any way that makes sense in your life: besties, mommy's group, neighbors, colleagues, news, politicians, local friends, etc.

Friends Lists allow you to look at the updates you want when you want them so you don't get overwhelmed or miss the information you really don't want to miss.

How to Create a New List:

Here are the steps to create a new Facebook Friends List:

  1. Simply click on Friends in that left-hand menu, as shown above.
  2. Then at the top of the middle column, click the Create a List button.
  3. Once you click that, you can Enter a Name for your custom list and choose which of your friends should be added to that list.
  4. Then simply hit Create a List and you're done. Your new list will now show up in the Friends drop-down on the left (you may have to refresh your screen to see it).

Easy huh? Now you can filter your Facebook life however you want. While you may love having so many friends, sometimes it's necessary to quiet the masses for just a little while.

How will you use Facebook Friends Lists?

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