How to Avoid Laundry Pileup: Trick Yourself


bed laundry baskets pillowsOh, laundry, you can be such a chore.

Putting the clothes into the washing machine is not the problem. Remembering to put them in the dryer, that can be tricky, so I set a timer now. And actually I love to fold laundry, so that's not a problem.

What I hate is putting away the folded laundry. I might rather stab a fork in my eye than put the folded laundry into all its separate drawers and hang up the clothes in the closets. Ugh!

So I had to trick myself.

How do I trick myself into doing a chore I hate so much?

Well, I fold the clothes on our bed (I used to use the top of my dresser). Our bed's a great height for me, there's plenty of room to separate all the stacks of shorts and t-shirts and jammies, etc., and I toss hanging clothes over my tall footboard. But because we sleep in our bed every night, I have to get it cleared off daily, right? (Although someone lately did tell me they haven't slept in their bed in several nights because there was laundry all over it).

This is not a perfect trick, mind you. I have slipped up by moving all the clothes to the top of my dresser, but after feeling like that balancing act took just as long as putting the clothes away and a week of not seeing my dresser once again, I vowed never to go back to that.

And there are many nights where I'm up folding kid clothes after the kids are asleep in their room. In this case, I stack all the folded laundry in a basket and sneak it on top of their dresser. Much more likely to get handled in the right room.

Let's not talk about the clothes hung over my footboard though. Can't trick myself into hanging those up in a timely manner yet.

Oh, laundry, I wish I could trick you. Trick you into doing yourself. In the meantime, I'll keep perfecting the way I trick myself.

What tricks do you use to force yourself to do chores you hate?


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CherB... CherBearCM

LOL you sound like me!  Let's let each other know if we find new tricks on getting that stuff put away ;)

Toddl... ToddlerBrain82

I trick myself in a similar way; I fold laundry on the couch because then I need to put it away immediately so we have a place to sit.

frysh... fryshannon34

I just drink alot of Bud Lights when I want to get things done

KatieP. KatieP.

lol I make myself clean the house for 2 hours after the kids go to bed. The first 15 minutes I hate hate hate it. Then I get into it and see things getting nice and clean then I don't want to stop lol

Pnukey Pnukey

I love laundry! Of course, my kids do their own, and have since they were about 2-3, so it's just mine and my husbands that I worry about, and he puts his own away.  I do have to encourage myself to do the dishes though....The rule for me, made by me, is that I can't cook anything new, or even make a sandwich unless the sink is empty. It works.

sodapple sodapple

i do the same thing, i hate to put them away but i do get to it, my closet i the one that's a mess so my clothes stay in the laundry bag =-/

Carey... Carey2006

I do laundry while watching TV...makes me feel as tho I'm semi-relaxing...LOL

ethan... ethans_momma06

I don't have any tricks, I just sigh and do it. :(

tazdvl tazdvl

No tricks for me.

tonya... tonyalynn

i usually do it on the couch or on the bed, cause i know that ill have to put it away

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