Paper Party Decorations for Summer Patios

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What party occasion doesn’t call for streamers? Birthdays, weddings, summer solstice celebrations ... need I mention the ultimate streamer event, the 4th of July? These gorgeous streamers were hung up in my neighborhood just "because."

Using pretty paper garlands and other paper party decorations, you can create an inexpensive but festive summer look on your own patio or in your backyard.

Here are some ideas to get you started.


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Ways to create some lovely summer decor with paper party decorations:

1: Go crepe
Jaunt over to your local party supply store or Target -- you could even try online. I found some colorful party streamers for as little as a dollar each on, which features an array of choices from wholesale party suppliers all over the nation. Here's another nice multi-colored garland ($2.99) from Party America.

2: Twist and then toss
You could just take a roll and toss it at will. But the effect will be sloppy and slightly reminiscent of that Halloween toilet-paper prank you pulled in your wayward youth. Put some imagination into your streaming by twisting or braiding two, three, four, or more different colors together.
3: Keep them up all summer
You don’t need the fortitude of a rock legend or monitor-addled starlet to keep the party going all summer. Make vibrant paper lanterns like these from Pier 1 (set of 3 for $12.50) a seasonal fixture in your yard or patio.


Images via K. Emily Bond

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