'You Lucky Dog' Debuts June 26 on Hallmark Channel

Natasha Henstridge You Lucky DogOn Saturday, June 26, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, 8C, grab the family and get ready to watch Hallmark Channel's original movie You Lucky Dog.

Read on for five reasons you should watch You Lucky Dog.

  1. Why you'll like You Lucky Dog:
    Natasha Henstridge is a great actress, and Lucky is the cutest, smartest cattle dog ever.
  2. Why he'll like You Lucky Dog:
    Natasha Henstridge is a beauty, and there's plenty of ranch-type action.
  3. Why teens will like You Lucky Dog:
    There's enough action, drama, and fun to keep them interested.
  4. Why tweens will like You Lucky Dog:
    Action, drama, fun, and dogs!
  5. Why kiddos will like You Lucky Dog:
    Cute dogs and funny farm animals.

You Lucky Dog stars the beautiful and talented Natasha Henstridge. (Remember her from the short-lived but great TV show Eli Stone? If not, don't worry, because I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who watched it. You may also have recognized Henstridge from the Species film franchise, or The Whole Nine Yards and The Whole Ten Yards.) The show also stars Harry Hamlin (he's been acting for decades, but you probably remember him from TV's LA Law or Veronica Mars). They play brother, Jim, and sister, Lisa, who grew up on a ranch with a tough-as-nails Dad, Clay, and a Mom who in her prime offered more than met the eye.

Natasha Henstridge You Lucky Dog

The premise is simple: Lisa returns to Podunk wherever, a place she pretty much swore she'd never return to, when her Mom dies unexpectedly. In a town where everyone knows everyone else's business, Lisa is spotted immediately and peppered with questions about her amazing fashion career in fabulous New York City.

Back at the ranch, Lisa discovers that Jim has invested all his money trying to make their ailing cattle farm profitable via hybrid sheep that produce special wool, which he assumes will fetch a higher market value than run-of-the-mill wool. While Jim butts heads with Clay about the future of the ranch, Lisa tries to find her place in a family she left behind ages ago.

Arguably, the real star of You Lucky Dog is the title character, a Border Collie herding dog who is discarded by a competitive rancher and rescued by Lisa. It quickly becomes apparent, as it usually does in animal rescue situations, that Lucky and Lisa really rescued each other. As Lisa and Jim work with Lucky, they discover her talent as a sheep herder and inadvertent savior, both physically and metaphorically.

Natasha Henstridge Harry Hamlin You Lucky Dog

You Lucky Dog is a typical Hallmark film, thus perfectly appropriate for the whole family. Little kids might be scared of one intense nature scene (a forest fire), but other than that, this film is a great way to spend a couple of hours of family time.


Images via Hallmark Channel

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