HGTV 'Design Star' Recap: Battle of the Sexes

Design Star

Challenge two: The fashion challenge. Using fashion as inspiration, the contestants have to design an apartment based on the outfits they selected. But there's a twist. There's always a twist, right?

Spoiler Alert: We're dishing all of the details.


And the twist? It's men vs. women for this challenge, and ALL of the outfits selected must be incorporated into the apartment design. Say what? This challenge is already making my head spin.

Audrey Slater from Redbook is the guest judge for this challenge, and an additional perk is that the winning team will have their design featured in an upcoming issue. Slater was mysteriously quiet throughout the show. I want the guest judges to have opinions, please.

While the guys are pumping themselves up for teamwork, Nina is busy telling the ladies that this challenge is her territory. What part of "team" don't you understand, girl?

The men have a huge array of outfits to include in their design: yoga wear, pajamas, a wedding gown, a leopard print? I don't know how they're going to pull this off but I'm dying to find out.

Michael and Trent butt heads in this challenge, but kudos to Michael for his attitude. "I question his taste level a little bit, but I want his voice to be heard. We're a team."

Courtland painted vertical stripes on a wall to incorporate the colors from all of the outfits. I'm a stripes fan, but will the judges be? Michael ran around behind Trent, restyling his accessories. Oh Michael, I know you're all about teamwork, but just let Trent sink or swim.

Back to the ladies? Nina, Nina, Nina. She's always promoting herself and trying to take control of the challenge. Stacey says, "Working with Nina is just about as impossible as it gets." The ladies agree to her mural idea and the pink rug, too, but I think they all are secretly hoping she'll shoot herself in the foot. I'm hoping the same.

As for the rest of the ladies, Tera chose a yellow palette for the bedroom, ignoring the advice of her teammates. If everyone is advising you against your color choice, you really have to be either bold or stupid not to listen to them. Stacey opted to spend most of her time on a Victorian wicker chair much to the ladies' chagrin. What will the judges say?

Even though the judges criticized the men's bedroom saying they wanted a room with more whimsy and glamour, the men still took top honors. Vern told the men, "It was beautiful. It was elegant, and I was inspired." Wow. Good going, guys! And the best designer for this challenge was Courtland. See there? I told you that C has what it takes.

While the ladies were waiting for the elimination, Nina and Emily had words. Nina accused Emily of not caring and Emily exclaimed that Nina wasn't open to others' ideas. "You're kind of a bully," Emily said, and Nina fired back, "You allowed it." Touché.

The judges were underwhelmed with Nina's design, thinking her whimsical mural did not represent the "uber-luxury" of her dress design. When she replied that she self-sacrificed for the team, my eyes just about rolled back into my head. Um, YOU were the one who wanted to paint that mural. What an actress! Deceiving Courtland last week and now this? Sigh. Go home, NIna. I'll pack your bags.

As for Tera's color palette (you know, the one that all of the women advised her against), Vern snaps, "This isn't Garanimals!" Ouch. That must have really hurt because she came out fighting against Stacey and her design element, challenging her to admit that she only worked on one chair. However, Vern liked Stacey's chair and that's all that matters. Sorry, Tera.

During the deliberations, the judges remarked that the women's bickering affected their overall design. I agree. Teamwork it was not. Bottom two of the week? Tera (those yellow walls are haunting you, babe) and Nina (karma time?).

While the judges seemed relatively impressed with both host videos, they decided it was Tera who failed to incorporate the gritty urban look of her outfit into her design. So it's teary Tera that heads home to Texas, and Nina will be back next week for another round of bullying.

What did you think of Tera's design?

I'll be back next week with more Design Star.


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