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Framed 3D items from Dollar Store Crafts
Without blogs, of all varieties, I'd be a lost woman. I read food blogs, party blogs, pop culture blogs, style and design blogs, and craft blogs, too. My feed reader would literally frighten you, but how can you beat such great content without the cost of a subscription or cover price?

If you're a crafting newbie like myself, here are my five awesome craft blogs you might like to follow.

1. Made. This craft blog encourages creativity and has some of the most jaw-dropping project ideas. Not only that, but a beginning crafter won't get overwhelmed since there are tons of helpful tutorials and high-quality photos with many posts. Dana, the blog writer, also has great themes (Celebrate the Boy month, for example) to engage the reader.

2. Dollar Store Crafts. Well, from the name alone you can guess the ideas found on this craft blog won't break the bank, thank goodness, but you'll only know if you visit that the projects aren't just economical, they're incredible! They're easy and inexpensive while being impressive and display-worthy in any home. This post on How to Frame 3D Items was perfect for me since I recently wrote about displaying mementos in a nursery.

3. Prudent Baby. Although primarily a baby- and kid-oriented craft blog, this site offers lots more ideas in other categories. What I love most about Prudent Baby, though, is how obvious the bloggers' passion is. It's a site that's full of life, and I love it. (For instance, how great are these bright and cheery place mats?)

4. Design*Sponge. I've spotlighted this site plenty of times before because I continually find fantastic ideas. It's a mix of crafts, DIY projects, city guides, and other style- and design-related things, but it's always good, top-notch things. Like these straw table decor items from a recent post.

5. Craftee. This site just blows me away. It's visually stunning, organized like a dream, and features some seriously awesome craft ideas. This "I've been framed!" jewelry frame project reminds me of my own jewelry display idea.

What is YOUR favorite craft blog?

Image via Dollar Store Craft

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Radarma Radarma

Interesting! Thanks!

nonmember avatar Melissa

I love Prudent Baby!  I've been digging u create   http://www.u-createcrafts.com/


Pnukey Pnukey

I don't really follow any craft blogs, but my best friend has a blog, and she's crafty. She posts about her projects. Does that count?

sheli... shelikespurple

Pnukey, that definitely counts. I'd love to see the link!

nonmember avatar Heather - DSC

Thank you so much for including me in your roundup!! Thanks for writing such nice things - it's always great to get thoughtful commentary!

I have a crazy feed reader too, so I feel your pain! :)

nonmember avatar Mamaddipkib

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sstro... sstronglj

I am looking for ideas to make crafts that sell in a craft show that sells well.anyone doing craft shows

nonmember avatar Buy HP Pavilion

Whoa! This blog looks just like my disintegrated identical! It's on a unqualifiedly separate topic but it has pretty much the regardless layout and design. Classic option of colors!

Kelley Donner

Like baby crafts? Need some good ideas? Check out my blog with homemade items and how-tos at http://kelley-donner.blogspot.com/

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