3 Easy Ways to Recycle Magazines

MagazinesI am a mail delivery person's worst nightmare -- I subscribe to many magazines, mostly of the fashion, fitness, canine, or food variety. 

I used to put them in the recycling bin when I was finished reading them all (and yes, I read them all -- or at least the bits I'm interested in -- every month). But recently, I found three magazine recycle/(re)uses that are way better than my old read once and recycle ways.


1. Give your old magazines away to friends. I have friends who I regularly swap magazines with, as I subscribe to the fashion and fitness, and she prefers the educational and political. By swapping, she can get her fashion fix, and I can learn a thing or two besides how to look fashionable on a frugal budget.

2. Take your old magazines to the gym where you work out, or to your doctor or dentist office (be sure to ask if you're doing the latter, as your dentist or doc may not want your old Cosmo magazine with the headline "10 Ways to a Better Orgasm!" in their waiting room).

3. Give your old magazines to schools or save them for your kids' next rainy-day craft project (again, clear the former with the school/teacher, and use common sense about what magazines are appropriate for kiddos to see).

For the crafty, big kids (and you) might try making a magazine bowl, and little kids can have fun with a magazine collage.

Bonus Tip
If you subscribe to a magazine or magazines but find you can't keep up or aren't reading them, cancel your subscription(s) and head to the online version of the magazine. You'll save money and trees! Or turn your old magazines into home decor.

What do you do with your old magazines?


Image via WordRidden/Flickr

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