Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Move in Together in a Secret Love Shack

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Us magazine coverThat's right, mamas. The Twilight series' favorite on- and off-screen couple Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are officially shacking up (sob! Er, I mean, what do I care, I'm Team Jacob anyway ...). 

The couple are now sharing a sweet little lakeside guesthouse in Los Angeles for the summer.

Too bad it sounds like Rob's a big slob! Or wait, are they both slobs? You decide.


According to Us Weekly (see a photo of the Twilight couple's love nest online and more photos in the current issue of Us Weekly), Rob and Kristen are officially living "in sin" in a one-bedroom, two-story guesthouse with a gourmet kitchen and cherry-wood floors. It's tucked along the woods for lots of privacy (except, apparently, from the paparazzi who snapped all these shots) for their all-summer-long rendezvous.

Sounds like the Eclipse stars are saving all their ambition for their acting careers though. While they laze around, sleep in, and read scripts in their love shack, they're also having groceries delivered and Rob "leaves clothes everywhere and never makes the bed!"

I guess that means Kristen's not making the bed either then, right? And why would she? She lives with Rob Pattinson!


Image via Us Weekly

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