DIY Numbered Vases: Perfect Decoration for Milestone Celebrations

hydrangeas numbered bottles glass vases

How sweet are these celebration vases labeled with numbers to represent a very special year?

Vera of Cozy Little Cabin made these special vases for a small celebration of her mom's birthday. But can't you just see this idea used at any milestone celebration? Add your high school senior's graduation year, the happy couple's wedding or anniversary date, an expecting mother's due date, and who says you have to limit yourself to numbers? Names or festive wording is fun too.

Vera offers her quick "how-to" tutorial after the jump ...


family party birthday collage

These peel 'n' stick numbered vases are quick, easy, versatile, and very inexpensive! And all because Candy (of Junk Sophisticate) shared her love and passion for sticky letters! 

We recently celebrated my mom's 89th birthday and these vases with her birth year were a nice, simple way to help focus on the passage of time. These vases would be equally as charming with wildflowers, or you could use sticky numbers/letters to embellish bottles used as candlesticks.


  1. Wash bottles and jars and scour off glue.
  2. Set out to dry.
  3. Adhere adhesive number decals, which can be purchased at a local discount store. For these bottles and jars, I used 2-inch stickers. These are the type you'd use on a mailbox -- nothing fancy or expensive and they come in a variety of sizes. 

Could any party decoration be easier?


Photos via Vera at Cozy Little Cabin

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