This Father's Day Hang Dad's Hammock

hammockWhen we shared a list of the best outdoor gifts for a dad who hangs around the house, we specifically left one biggie off the list: the hammock.

That's because all too often the hammock is purchased ... and then left for Dad to hang up himself.

It's Father's Day, let him relax!

Here's how to hang the hammock for him:


We gathered the rules on hanging a hammock and tested them out with the awesome Envirope hammock courtesy of outdoor furniture retailer

1. Pick a good hammock. We liked the Envirope because it's made from 100 percent recycled soda bottles, and it's wide enough for two people. For a dad, a two-person is the best option -- it lets him take the kids along with him.

2. Determine if your hammock has a spreader bar (the Envirope does). If it does, measure the length of your hammock and the space between the two trees you want to use. The hammock length should take up about 90 percent of the space between the trees. Hammocks without spreader bars don't have an exact distance requirement.

2. Look at the circumference of the trees. They should be at least 38 inches in diameter to support the weight. Don't have sturdy enough trees? Hit the hardware store for a sturdy post -- you'll need to set it at least 3 feet deep and root it in concrete.

3. Install eye bolts at least 5 to 6 feet from the ground. It sounds high -- especially if you have kids, but for hammocks with a spreader bar, you want your height to be at least 5 feet above the ground so you don't bottom out!

If you're concerned about hurting the tree, try a hanging kit with heavy-duty nylon straps.

4. Hang your hammock. Make sure it's taut -- you don't want to dump Dad on the ground on Father's Day. If this simply can't be achieved by making adjustments, buy a hammock stand (after all our playing around, we now have one on order).

Does Dad have to do the work on his present this year?


Image via CedarStore

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