DIY: Make a Glass-Front Cabinet Storage-Friendly

DIY project: fabric-covered window
Do you have great storage cabinet in your home that you'd love to use to hide away a few items -- but it has that darn revealing glass-paned front?

Well, Elizabeth with Style Lush has a great do-it-yourself idea for making a glass-front cabinet more storage-friendly.

Use a pretty fabric to cover those windows.


Elizabeth was inspired to use fabric to cover ordinary windows by the blog All Buttoned Up, so she adapted that great idea into this one for her glass-front china cabinet. Elizabeth is amazing because she constantly uses things she already has around her house to create the home she wants. She proves time and again that creating your dream house is possible on any budget.

She already had a piece of fabric, so that was no cost. All she bought was the spray starch ($2.50) from Walgreens that she used to attach the fabric. That's a pretty cost-effective DIY project, don't you think?

Luckily enough, Elizabeth didn't have to worry about being too neat with her cutting or corners, as you would on a traditional window, since the fabric was attached on the inside of her cabinet. (Nice perk!)

Check out Style Lush and All Buttoned Up for even more details and pictures of this inspiring and inexpensive project. It's easy, too! You could knock this out in just an hour or so this weekend!

As always, I love to hear what DIY projects you're tackling right now.


Photo from Elizabeth

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