DIY Handmade Pillows: Tutorial by Sew Homegrown

I was recently inspired by this pillow tutorial from Sew Homegrown, especially since Jessica created this pillow after being inspired herself by a $58 pillow from Anthropologie.


All you'll need to create your own beautiful pillow is: a sewing machine, fabric of your choosing, a needle and thread, pillow form, and a rubber band.

There are only a few easy steps between the idea and the finished product. Jessica also does a great job detailing what you'll need to do and providing accompanying pictures.

I love an Anthropologie anything as much as the next girl, but if you can make a pillow that looks as good as something you'd buy from there for a fraction of the price, why not?!

What craft project is inspiring you this week?

Image via  Sew Homegrown

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