4 Easy Steps to Folding Sheets

Photo from Better Homes & Gardens
If you're already keeping spare sheets clean for summer guests, you may as well fold them correctly. (Also, after you read this post, check out this video for folding a fitted sheet poetically. Too funny!)

Here's a look at four easy steps to folding sheets from the smart folks at Better Homes & Gardens, so sheet folding is never a headache again.


1. Always fold sheets (especially fitted!) on a flat surface. Either a table or large counter.

2. Between each layer of folding, use your hand to flatten and smooth out the sheet to make folding easier.

3. Fold the sheet in half so the layered corners are on top of each other and tuck so three corners are now one.

4. Fold in half again, then lengthwise.

Check out the link above for more details (and pictures!) and get to folding.

How do you fold sheets? Or do you even bother?

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