Do it Gorgeously: Cleaning Tips From Gorgeous Guru Sophie Uliano

Do it GorgeouslyCleaning and looking gorgeous don't usually fall the same sentence.

I prefer an old t-shirt and shorts when I'm scrubbing the tub, and forget makeup -- I'm going to jump in the shower afterward anyway.

So I was skeptical when I picked up Sophie Uliano's new eco-friendly house cleaning book, Do It Gorgeously.

My apologies! Uliano, who you might have caught on Oprah or Good Morning America over the years, offers up green tips with a dash of common sense and lot of fun.

We loved her at-home beauty tips so much, we here at The Stir wanted to know how she keeps the rest of her world looking (and smelling) so sweet.


You're pretty aware of the toxic "horrors" in the cleaning cabinet. What are three safe cleaning products you couldn't live without?

I cannot live without hydrogen peroxide, as it's the best ever germ-buster -- totally non-toxic and very inexpensive -- and second has got to be baking soda. That said, I’m a girl who likes a shiny, beautiful smelling kitchen, which is why I make my own concoctions. My all-purpose cleaner cuts the grease, shines the counters/surfaces, and smells fantastic. It also costs less than 23 cents a bottle to make.

I loved your tip about putting food that might boil over on a baker's sheet lined with aluminum foil. Are you a clean as you cook person or do you wait until after dinner?

I'm a horribly messy cook. My kitchen is a total nightmare during the process! I’m lucky enough to have a great sous chef/cleanup guy called Joseph Uliano!

You say you're scent-obsessed. How do you keep your house from smelling chemical-y when you're cleaning?

I don’t use toxic cleaning products in any way, shape, or form. I use therapeutic essential oils -- the great thing about them is not only do they smell fantastic, but they also have anti-bacterial properties too.

Your book is called Do It Gorgeously -- so how do you stay gorgeous while cleaning? Don't you get dishpan hands?

I don’t because I always wear rubber gloves and honestly the cleaning part is at the bottom of my list as far as priorities are concerned -- let's talk about the beauty products!!! I show you how to make all your own.

If you have just one tip for cleaning the house -- what is it?

Learn to make the Do It Gorgeously all-purpose spray and the Gorgeously Green Scouring Scrub -- make both for under a dollar and you’re good to go.

Do you like to look good when you're cleaning?

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