Tea Cleans the House: 5 Reasons to Save the Bags

cup of teaTea is not just for the British anymore.

Did you know you can use your tea bags to clean your house? Lean on in while we school you folks -- it's green cleaning at its quirkiest.

And considering my track record of writing about foods as cleaning tools, it's more evidence that I prefer to loot my kitchen than actually cook in it!


1. Wood floors. Black tea is loaded with tannins, which will bring out the rich wood colors. Steep three to four bags in a quart of boiling water. Remove the bags and allow to cool. After washing the floor with a traditional cleaner, follow up with the tea and allow to air dry. The result is a rich shine.

2. Furniture polish. When your tea gets cold, don't throw it out -- dampen a rag with it and use on furniture and tables. 

3. Kill dust mites. Black tea when allowed to cool and placed in a spray bottle can be spritzed on your carpet to kill dust mites. Try a spot treatment before you spread it across the carpet! If you have wood floors but there's been a dust problem, soak your mop in the tea instead.

4. Toilet. This one I've never tried, but if the stains in your bowl don't come off with traditional scrubbing, some people suggest dropping tea bags in there and allowing them to sit for several hours.

5. Rust removal. Another usage for black tea -- when allowed to cool, it can be used to soak rusty tools. After they sit for awhile (I'd recommend at least an hour), wipe with a clean rag.

Have you tried any of these? Come up with some better? Tell us in comments!

Image via yomi955/Flickr

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