Is Check-Writing Dead?

Flickr photo by heidielliott
I don't like to carry a lot of cash on vacation, so I figured a credit card would have to do for a side trip to the mall.

Until the cashier told me they don't accept credit -- only checks.

Checks? In 2010?

Even more shocking: This was at a national chain store in the mall, not some mom and pop shop that doesn't want to pony up part of its profits to Visa or American Express.


I can count on one hand the number of checks I've written in the last few months: one to my hairdresser for my cut and eyebrow wax; one to the garbage collection company that has yet to build a website; and one to my pedicurist.

For every other purpose, I've done online bill pay, cash, or credit -- the latter which I use to build reward points, then pay off religiously every month.

Even my doctor's office takes a credit card these days. And I have never hit the mall without it.

A check is virtually unheard of. A full quarter of the respondents on a recent Yahoo! Shine poll say they have a checkbook but rarely pull it out.

And yet banks love to boast "free checks" if you sign up for an account with them! Here's betting that free box could last you a year or more.

Do you still use checks?

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