Vintage Picnic Gear From Etsy Under $35

| Jun 15, 2010 Home & Garden

  • Vintage Red Gingham Fabric ($8)


    Vintage red gingham fabric; $8 at Blue Flower Vintage.

    For all of you who like to DIY, this vintage fabric in the perfect picnic plaid is just waiting to be turned into a picnic blanket.

  • Vintage Tupperware Condiment Carrier ($9.99)


    Vintage tupperward condiment carrier and cups; $9.99 at Vintage by Alex Keller.

    This vintage carrier complete with cups is perfect way to bring along condiments to the picnic. The lids ensure you'll arrive without spils.

  • Vintage Divided Plates and Cups ($12)


    Vintage divided plates and cups; $12 at Find Me a Memory.

    Colorful, vintage divided plates and cups. This listing is for seven plates and six cups.

  • Vintage Ice Bucket ($12)


    Vintage ice bucket; $12 at Solstice Home.

    A lovely sky blue ice bucket with handles, which makes it easy to tote along.

  • Red and White Folding Tray ($17)


    Red and white folding tray; $17 at Hello Victory.

    The sweetest picnic tray just the right size to hold a few snacks and a small vase of flowers.

  • Vintage Bakery Dome ($18)


    Vintage bakery dome; $18 at ethanollie.

    With this vintage bakery dome, ants won't spoil your picnic.

  • Vintage Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set with Carrier ($18.50)


    Vintage Cruet set; $18.50 at Roberta Grove.

    If your picnic isn't far from home and salad is on the menu, this lovely vintage cruet set will add elegance to your picnic spread. Tuck a glass into the center and you can carry silverware as well.

  • Vintage Retro Travel Picnic Mat ($24.50)


    Vintage picnic mat; $24.50 at Minty Keen.

    This woven mat rolls up for easy travel to and from your picnic spot.

  • Vintage Picnic Basket ($25)


    Vintage picnic basket; $25 at Little Byrd Vintage.

    The prettiest picnic basket on the block.

  • Vintage Plaid Thermos Picnic Set ($34)


    Vintage Thermos picnic set; $34 at 4you2enjoy.

    I'm imagining one thermos full of limeade and the other full of gazpacho. Such a cute vintage set from 1973.

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