6 Pretty Backyard Lighting Options

Backyard String Lights
Photo from Target.com
There's so much to do in the backyard during the summer! Gardening, playing with the dog (and picking up poop) or washing the dog, reading a book, camping out, barbecuing. And don't get me started on how great it is to sit outside after the sun goes down and sip a cold beer with my husband. Heaven.

After eight years of living in my home, I finally convinced my husband to string up some outdoor lights that we leave up year round. Oh what a difference! Now I can read outside when the sun goes down, we can play backyard games, and don't forget about that beer!

I want you to enjoy your backyard in the evening as much as I do my own, so I've found some pretty, (somewhat) inexpensive ways for you to light up your backyard this summer. It's a great way to brighten things up for any summer entertaining you have planned too!



Backyard String Lights
$14.99, World Market
Pretty sure I could live in World Market. Especially if these Copper Dragonfly String Lights were strung up everywhere. For $14.99, you get nine feet of these adorable indoor/outdoor lights.

Backyard String Lights
$12.99, Target
If bugs aren't your thing, for $12.99 you can get this 8.2-foot Capiz Cube 10-Light String at Target.

Backyard String Lights
$158.99, Restoration Hardware
If you have money to burn (or acres to light up), this Industrial Light String from Restoration Hardware might be what you need. And before you choke on the $158.99 price tag, know that you're getting 50 feet of lights for your money. But it's still a lot of money for backyard lights.

Backyard String Lights
$25, Pottery Barn
I don't know what it is about Globe Paper Lanterns, but all I think about when I see them are sun, surf and sand. Pottery Barn has a set of 10 (each 8 inches in diameter) for $25.

Backyard Lights
$29, Walmart
Even eco-friendly backyard lighting can look cool! Wal-Mart's Life Solar Decor Solar Speckled Glass Globe Lights are sold in a 2-pack for $29. Each one is 2 feet high, automatically lights at dusk, and the light changes from red to blue to green! Pretty.

Backyard Lights
$49.95, Crate & Barrel
If bigger is better, than Crate & Barrel's Large Solar Lantern is tops, standing 22.4 inches high and shining for 8 hours.

What's lighting up your backyard?

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