Unique Wedding Gifts for the Newlywed Home

custom heart sampler hoop stitched wedding gift
$60; Miniature Rhino
I love these handmade Custom Heart Samplers from Miniature Rhino and think they'd make a really special wedding gift. Submit the couple's names for embroidering and attend the wedding with a sweet, personal gift that's perfect for the newlyweds' abode.

More couple's gift ideas for the newly married and their home after the jump...


embroidery hoop chalkboard
$35; Bliss in a Teacup
Similar to the hoop above, this Embroidery Hoop Chalkboard from Bliss in a Teacup lets you start the happy couple off in their marriage with a sweet love note. But it's reusable, see? When life turns a little less lovey dovey, they can use this chalkboard to remind one another to bring home the milk or take out the garbage.

his hers tea towels kitchen
About $18; Keep Calm Gallery

This set of crisp white His & Hers Tea Towels by Hayley and Lucas make a lovely wedding gift for a new (hetero) couple who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Or, because they're so fresh and new, maybe they're a better gift for the couple who eats out a lot.

woman girl cork  board bulletinman boy cork board

What couple doesn't need man- or woman-shaped cork boards to keep their new married lives in order? The Corky Girl-Shaped Bulletin Board ($29) and the Corky Boy-Shaped Bulletin Board ($29) are sold separately at Amazon so you can buy the two that best match the new partners in wedded bliss.

Letter S pillow initial MonogrammedLetter E pillow personalized Monogrammed

Modern first initial pillowcases are fun for the newlywed bed or if the couple now share a last name, you could buy them last initial monograms. Or heck, go hog wild and get them four: two separate first name initials and two shared last name initials. These Signature Pillowcases ($18 each) are available at Urban Outfitters.

If you're married, what favorite couple's gift did you receive or wish you received?

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