3 Home Design Ideas for Magazine & Book Hoarders

magazine installation walls storage
Photo from The Junction
Find that you can't part with all those stacks of magazines or piles of paperback novels strewn about your home? Well, here are two ways to make your hoarding behaviors part of the decor. Who says hoarding can't turn into good design? Not me...

In the above office space, found via Design for Mankind, stacks of magazines have been made a part of the walls. This eliminates the need for insulation, wallboard or drywall, and paint. Good thinking! And it looks swell.


If you can't let go of all your favorite mysteries or romance novels, maybe they can serve as an interesting backdrop for a nook, cut-out, shelf, or alcove in your home.

Funny thing is the below photo, found in Lonny magazine, isn't a true paperback display but Paperbacks wallpaper by Tracy Kendall made to look like several piles of paperbacks. I still think it's a great idea for the paperback hoarder. Colorful and interesting with the right mix of books.

paperback wallpaper
Photo from Lonny
I still love Mary Beth Eastman's fireplace stuffed with books too. Another fun organizing and storage idea -- as long as your fireplace isn't functional, of course -- that makes good design sense.

Have you come up with an extraordinary way to display or organize your book or magazine collections?

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