Rent Barack Obama's Old New York Bachelor Pad

hallway Barack Obama's apartment
Photo from CitiHabits
You can move into Barack Obama's old New York apartment, but it'll cost you -- $1,899/month to be exact.

And then you'll still be wishing for a kitchen remodel (even if they claim it's already been remodeled).


That's right. The two-bedroom New York City apartment on West 109th Street where President Obama lived in 1981 back when he was still single and attending Columbia University is currently up for grabs. The Craigslist ad claims the apartment is on the Upper West Side, but Gawker calls foul, mapping it at "really more of a Morningside Heights address."

So what will you get for $1,899/month besides the fading whispers of pre-Michelle, pre-Presidential ghosts? Cherry hardwood floors, a chef's kitchen (I think that means "tiny") with new appliances and cabinets, high/vaulted ceiling, one king-sized bedroom and a smaller second bedroom, great light, big windows, and a great location.

See more photos for yourself. After seeing this uninspiring view, I'm thinking the President must really appreciate his current quarters.

What do you think? Are you ready to move into Barack's old bachelor pad?

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